Metzpro Quality & Inspection

Quality lies at the forefront of every Metzpro fabrication. Employing highly skilled and trained personal ensuring continuous investment in up-to-date modern equipment and tooling.

We employing a dedicated quality inspector who’s sole task is to ensure all work is correct to drawing and leaves our workshop correct first time. All our fabrications are inspected during multiple stages of plating and welding process. All fabricators and welders are coded to the European standard of BS EN 287 and ASME 9 and hold a number of weld procedures.

We work to a strict quality manual that conforms ISO 9001:2000 ensuring every jobs, big or small has its own route card that outlines procedures required to complete the required task. Each stage is passed off before going on for further processing.

Once complete, every fabrication is visually passed off, hard stamped and photographed for reference before being dispatched to our customers. We usually dispatch with a certificate of conformity and the relevant material test certificates offering total trackability.

In addition all welding machines, machining centres and relevant equipment are calibrated at regular intervals.

In house non destructive testing which includes magnetic particle inspection and dye pen to PCN level 2. Independent ultrasonic testing available upon individual requests guaranteeing faultless welds often required for structural critical components.


We are accredited to BS EN ISO 9001:2003 we welcome audits and visits to our facilities.